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Cesna to 747: Minimum Viable Publishing Lessons

Tablets and digital distribution have changed what books we read and when we read them, but the possibilities for how we create books in this new world are still constrained by the past notions of long lead times and unchanging permanence. Borrowing from the lessons of the Toyota Production System and the world of lean startups, this talk will discuss the concept of minimum viable publishing, how the inherently risky venture of book publishing can be made safer and what notions we need to let go of to see the new opportunities lie ahead for innovative authors and publishers.

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  1. What makes publishing (or any creative endeavor) risky?
  2. What is the right way to solve the trilemma of time, cost, and quality?
  3. What is minimum viable publishing?
  4. How does MVPub make publishing less risky?
  5. Do the tools exist to make MVPub possible?



Todd Sattersten, President, BizBookLab, LLC

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