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Techsecret for Nonprofits

We all have them. Questions on technology that we think we should know the answers to but don’t. We’re embarrassed so we never ask and live in fear that someday we will be discovered. This is your chance to ask anonymously and get the answers you need. Platforms, social media, mobile, APIs, plug ins, whatever your question, our panel of experts will be on hand to give you an answer. From the most basic to the very detailed, post your question on (site to be created if session selected) and our panel of nonprofit tech experts will answer them during the session. If you’re ready to come out of hiding, or you’re just the embarrassed type, we’ll also be welcoming questions from the audience. Like your 1st grade teacher said – there are no stupid questions.


  1. Questions on Nonprofit Platform Technology
  2. Questions on Mobile
  3. Questions on Social Media
  4. Questions on Internet Technology
  5. Other questions from the audience



Beth Pearson, Director of Interactive Services, Charity Dynamics

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