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Outsourcing & Offshoring Social Customer Service

Brands are now under the gun to deliver blow-your-pants-off customer service in social media, and they're failing. Big time. Constrained by limited internal resources, inadequate tools, political infighting, and a lack of expertise in the art of online engagement, companies are responding poorly or too slowly ... and sometimes not at all! But what happens when they turn to more savvy digital agencies or business process outsourcing firms (BPOs) for relief? Can businesses successfully outsource or offshore their online "voice”?

Our experienced panelists will weigh the business case for social media outsourcing, including the potential backlash from customers who discover that their tweets and Facebook Wall posts are being answered by agents halfway across the world. We'll share our success stories and missteps, and offer practical next steps for taking social customer service to the next level.


  1. How prevalent is outsourcing in social media customer service today?
  2. Who will ultimately win the industry wrestling match between marketing and customer service for control of social customer care operations?
  3. Should overseas customer service agents try to "fake" familiarity with their customers' cultural norms and speech patterns?
  4. Can a "blended" approach to social customer care be successful, where brands handle certain responsibilities in house, and an agency or BPO fills in the gaps?
  5. What business metrics should companies use to measure the success of the outsourcing team's efforts?



Bryan Person, Director of Social Insights, Social Dynamx

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