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Beyond Mobile: Where No Geek Has Gone Before

Everyday technology is hurtling at warp speed into science fiction. Mobile's at the forefront, but what's next? At the hazy edges of the tech universe, emerging trends hint at the future of connected devices and even a redefinition of the very idea of user interfaces. Designer Josh Clark, author of "Tapworthy," takes you on an expedition of this final frontier, with a bevy of practical techniques and cutting-edge examples that anticipate what comes next after mobile.

Post-PC computing is about more than just phones or tablets. See how your current work lays the foundation for a future of social devices (and why more and dumber machines will make us smarter). Learn how sensor-rich devices change the user experience, and explore how to better design for sensors. Along the way, you'll see how games lead the fleet, how robots will help you build software, and which smart technology choices will prepare you for this future, to boldly go where no geek has gone before.


  1. What design techniques can I use now to take smart advantage of sensors and extend the UI beyond the screen?
  2. How do I organize my content now for a growing diversity of devices, including devices without interfaces at all? How flexible must content and designs be to accommodate all these form factors?
  3. What are social devices? As gizmos start talking to each other to work on our behalf, how does that change the user experience—and my interface designs?
  4. How do I design to help content flow among devices? What role do new input methods like natural gesture, speech, and touch play in that interaction?
  5. Never mind content, what about control? We already design for remote control (drive your tv with your iPad), but how do I design for SHARED control (your tv can drive your iPad, too)?



Josh Clark, Principal, Global Moxie

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