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The China Innovation Boom: Can the US Keep Up?

China is on track to become the world’s largest economy – and a huge driver of that growth comes from innovative new companies. Technology startups aren’t just “copying” US companies anymore, but coming up with China-specific models that work first in China, secondly overseas. Come hear from one of the most experience investors in China about the outlook in the China-US innovation race. Can China really create a Google or an Apple? Can US technology companies gain a bigger foothold in China? Explore the challenges and opportunities of a China-US innovation economy.

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  1. Will China overtake the US when it comes to the creation of innovative, global companies?
  2. Does China have a Silicon Valley – and if so, will it rival the US in company and job creation?
  3. What is particular about the Chinese economy that is spurring innovation?
  4. Will China’s young, highly-mobile, tech-savvy population change the way the world uses the Internet?
  5. What type of technology companies can we expect to emerge from China in years to come?



Jeff Richards, partner, GGV Capital

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