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Can Ad Agencies and Brands Humanize Technology?

Without question, emerging technologies such as Twitter and Foursquare provide new modes of utility to users…but can these technology-focused platforms be leveraged as the perfect canvas for creativity? Can these engineering-driven products be reframed to showcase the type of creativity that stirs emotions and strikes a deep human chord? Increasingly, the most daring ad agency creatives (along with their brand clients) are betting that the answer is a resounding “yes.” The rising challenge for today’s ad industry (and the brands that hire them) is to imbue digital solutions with the same emotion-driving potency – the same humanity – that a hilarious or tear-jerking, award-winning TV campaign has. But how do ad agency creatives approach this challenge? What do startups think about this outside approach to their native platforms and APIs? And do brands like Mars and GE really think tech platforms can drive emotion, and sales, like broadcast TV can? Come find out.

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  1. How are brands leveraging APIs from both established and emerging tech platforms, ranging from Twitter and Foursquare to Tumblr and Instagram, in unexpected and unique ways?
  2. How can brands effectively engage with consumer audiences via today’s newest consumer technology services beyond the native advertising offerings those services offer?
  3. How does the ad agency creative approach toward emerging platforms, from creative brief to execution, differ from and/or complement the process applied toward traditional media such as TV?
  4. What precautions should startups have, if any, toward brands and their agencies leveraging the startups’ APIs for campaigns that the startups themselves don’t monetize from?
  5. What are best practices for advertising agencies and brands toward evaluating and innovating against new consumer technologies and platforms?



Edwin Philogene, VP, Director, Business Planning and Digital Strategy, BBDO

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