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Sex, Social and the Future of Love

Each year, there are more than 250,000 conversations about sex on social in Britain alone. #aftersexselfies, Whisper confessions, saucy Snapchats, the rise of Tindr - social media is rife with sex.
Or at least, that’s what we’ve been led to believe. We bust some of the biggest sex and social myths. We show why a woman with a grapefruit is a more credible sexpert than any brand. And we explore why sex doesn’t always sell on social.
Led by a vlogger specialising in sexuality and the author of a new sex and social report, this interactive talk will feature a hands-on exploration of all things sex, tech & social, featuring the latest connected sex toys.
More sex please. We're British.

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  1. What impact is digital technology having on teen perceptions of sex?
  2. How will social and digital technology change how we find, have and remember sex?
  3. What is the right way to talk to teens online about personal and private subjects?



Tom Ollerton, Innovation Dir, We Are Social

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