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Brains, Brands and The War on Attention

Share HeyHuman’s killer insights from the front lines of the ‘war on attention’, based on our ongoing neuroscience research.

We will illustrate macro changes affecting people and juxtapose the exponential explosion in digital messaging vs. the size of the human brain – which has actually decreased over time.

We will further bring to life the critical implications for human attention, communication and brands.

As everyone is spread wide and thin by the amount of messaging they are obliged to engage with daily, we will share our secret weapons in the war on attention – vital ‘brain-friendly’ creative techniques to allow us to ‘overclock’ the comprehension of our overloaded audience.

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  1. How are people progressing in terms of capability and memory capacity vs. the exponential explosion of digital technology?
  2. What are the implications for attention in the context of brand communication, as digital demand outpaces cerebral supply?
  3. Which creative techniques can help brands win in an environment where their audience is already overloaded?



Dan Machen, Dir Of Innovation, HeyHuman

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