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Bisected Realities: ParaNorman's 2-Bit Bub Game

What happens when you combine the visions of advertising agency, W+K and game designer, Graeme Devine.

Advertisers have discovered games: they can be cheaper than TV spots, produce lots of engagement and people play them for hours! But there aren't that many good examples of branded games. In fact, there are more bad examples than good ones. And while advertising agencies know how to work with film directors, there also aren't that many good examples of agencies working with game designers and developers.

In early 2011, W+K was briefed by LAIKA on the campaign for its 2012 movie, ParaNorman. As part of the agency's strategy, W+K produced an iOS game based on a minor character from the film, a bisected dog named Bub.

With W+K joining forces with Graeme Devine of GRL Games, an award winning game designer, ParaNorman's 2-Bit Bub emerged. Learn how the final game came to be and the challenges and opportunities both sides encountered during the conceptual and production process.

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  1. How do you reconcile advertising's creative vision vs. game designer's vision?
  2. Why did you choose a minor character from the movie to make a game? And how did you know that this game was a good idea?
  3. What were the unexpected contributions (from W+K and GRL) that helped create the game?
  4. How difficult was it for W+K to make a game while executing the rest of the campaign?
  5. If you were to make this game again, what would you do differently?



Ann-Marie Harbour, Sr. Interactive Producer, Wieden & Kennedy

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