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Social Scientist Unite!

Social scientist of SXSW Interactive unite! As digital interactions start to challenge the primacy of traditional activities such as shopping, chatting with friends, and working businesses have increasingly turned to social scientists to understand current and future behavior on the web. This meet up is for practitioners, academics, and aficionados of the social sciences in how it applies to those digital interactions. Let's discuss the current role of social science in digital, share best practices, and findings of interest.


  1. Current social science practitioners in digital, how are you being utilized by companies in the course of their business operations.
  2. Are there any studies or academic articles that we should be aware of?
  3. What are some common issues or hurdles you face as a social scientist in the digital world?
  4. What do you see as trends that will impact social scientists working in digital and emerging media in the near future?
  5. Should we formalize areas of practice in social sciences around digital? How would that impact academic work moving forward?



Sam Eder, Sr. Consultant, ANThrologist, Ant's Eye View

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