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Your Phone is Your Next Car

A recent study showed that American teenagers are now more willing to give up their car than their phone.

In the 1940’s and 50’s, the American landscape was forever transformed by the automobile. Postwar subsidies and innovation created a hypergrowth scenario in suburban ecosystems, characterized by freeways, drive-thrus and 2-car garages. Since then, the car has become synonymous with the American dream. Until now.

We are reaching another inflection point in our culture that is even more profound than the rise of the automobile: the rise of mobile technology and its ability to truly change the way we connect with each other and the way we travel from one place to another. With unprecedented mobile computing power, ubiquitous GPS and a burgeoning shared trust infrastructure (thanks to the rise of social networks), we are poised to envision a future in the very near term where it is possible to replace your car with your phone.

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  1. How has the human perspective on transportation changed since the advent of the automobile?
  2. How on earth can a smartphone replace a car?
  3. What are the key drivers for the widespread adoption that is necessary to achieve a social disruption of this magnitude?
  4. What sort of regulatory/social hurdles stand in the way of such a significant change of perspective on transportation?
  5. How does the future of the auto industry factor into this revolution?



Blake Wirht, Director of Marketing, SideCar

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