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Call of Duty: How to Win a Global War 3x in a Row

Call-of-Duty is the biggest entertainment property in history with 30 million players. It’s a worldwide army of followers that demands respect. They fueled Call of Duty into a global phenomenon and they could abandon it just as quickly. Activision’s task of releasing the next Call of Duty title went beyond beating the biggest launch of all time (Call of Duty’s own ‘Black Ops’) it was figuring out how to continue to outgun the fans it covets (much to fans’ delight). To deliver innovative, multi-dimensional experiences that stay ahead of fans’ imaginations and expectations, inspiring them to spread passion and conviction further and wider than ever before. Come hear the behind-the scenes, below-the-radar story of how Call of Duty achieved the biggest entertainment launch in history, three times in a row.


  1. What made Call of Duty into the worldwide phenomenon it is today?
  2. What challenges had to be overcome for the latest title release to become the biggest selling game in history?
  3. What inspired the team to overcome past success and break new ground in the industry yet again?
  4. What key insights, ideas and digital strategies were the foundation to support the new title?
  5. What were the results and what are the implications for global audience game engagement?



Courtney Kaczak, PR Manager, SapientNitro

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