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Generation Flux: How To Succeed In An Age of Chaos

The velocity of change in our business world-and our culture-has reached unprecedented levels. This is an historic era that transcends industries and national borders, and it presents new challenges to all of us, as individuals and as organizations. Fast Company editor Robert Safian had been studying and chronicling this dynamic, tumultuous transition, identifying the traits that will enable success. He coined the term Generation Flux to describe both the chaotic time we are living through and the group of people-and businesses-best positioned to thrive in this environment. In an inspiring, thought-provoking presentation, Safian will sketch out who and what defines GenFlux, how models like Apple and Facebook--and leaders like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg--both define this era and are useless to those looking to navigate it. The ultimate lessons of Generation Flux are about adaptability. All the ways we've been taught to operate, the rules we've come to rely on, offer false comfort.

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  1. What is different about this time in business that gave rise to Generation Flux?
  2. What traits define a member of Generation Flux?
  3. What are the lessons and new rules of Generation Flux?
  4. How do businesses adapt to this changing demographic?
  5. How do individuals who self-identify with this demographic leverage this new mindset to further their careers?



Tara Mitchell, Executive Marketing Director, Fast Company

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