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Build Your Social Strategy in 30 Minutes

This session is an interactive workshop focused on building your brand's social media strategy. Through a variety of brainstorming sessions, practicums, and activities, you will walk away with an actionable plan for your brand's social media complete with KPIs, voice strategy, crisis management, response guidelines, and more. Each participant will create a personalized social strategy for their brand. Will be led by Likeable employees Cara Friedman, VP of Education, and Frank Emanuele, Director of Community Management.


  1. How do I determine KPIs and ROI for my social media strategy?
  2. What is my brand's voice in relation to content and community management?
  3. Which social networks should my brand focus on?
  4. What will my social media creative look like on social media?
  5. How can I put my social media strategy into action today?



Cara Friedman, VP, Education, Likeable Media

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