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Smart Money: How to Attract Brand Name Investors

Not all investors are created equal. Join David Hornik of August Capital and Michael Silverstein of Liquidnet Private Shares as they discuss how to attract “smart money” before going public. In this talk, they’ll cover the basics of acquiring strong venture capital and institutional investors and the benefits of having them on your capitalization table.

Whether your long-term objective is to go global or to go public, the right investors can open doors and get you on track to achieve your goals. Learn what the top institutional investors and venture capital firms are looking for straight from the source. David and Michael will shares best practices on engaging these sought-after investors from presenting business plans to sharing financials.

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  1. What makes a private company a good candidate to receive capital from a leading VC firm or institutional investor? And how can I engage these smart money investors?
  2. What financials should I be prepared to disclose and what else should I prepare to attract interest from these investors?
  3. What is the benefit of having a well-known institutional investor (e.g. T. Rowe Price) on my cap table? How can I expect them to help me should I decide to pursue an IPO down the road?
  4. I've already received VC funding. How is a company’s relationship with an institutional investor different from its VC relationships?
  5. I've decided that I'm not interested in pursuing an IPO yet. How can these smart money investors help me return capital to my early investors or monetize existing options and equity grants for my employees?



Marisha Mistry, PR Manager, Liquidnet

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