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Muppets to Mastery: UX Principles from Jim Henson

Jim Henson started working as a puppeteer in 1954, a fair 40-50 years before many of us even considered User Experience as a career. He did, however, take it upon himself to apply many of the core principals that UX Designers are falling love with today (or are at least using as part of our everyday lives). Hang out for a quick dive into the life of Jim Henson, with a view into his work from the perspective of how it pertains to what it is we’re doing today, that promises to even leave Waldorf and Statler happy.

And yes, there will be muppets.

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  1. How does Jim Henson's work apply to my work today?
  2. How did Jim Henson get started with puppets, puppetry, and then the Muppets?
  3. What were some of the ways that Henson hacked during his career?
  4. What were some of the risks that Jim Henson took in his career, and how does this apply to User Experience Design?
  5. Where can I create (and buy) my very own muppet?



Russ Unger, Independent UX Designer & Researcher, UserGlue

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