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STEAM Powered Parties: Host your own STEAM Nite

As steam builds for moving to a STEM framework in schools, so does the call for innovating student presentations of learning. Integrating the arts and switching up the spaces used for presentations of learning do double duty by popularizing the STEAM fields. Katie and Jamie will present the rationale for hosting STEAM Nites in schools, based on their experience of planning and hosting a community event in April 2015. Participants will engage in hands-on activities and create an action plan for their own STEAM powered parties. Takeaways will include a DYO bound notebook for notes and reflection and a digital storage space for archiving and continuing collaboration.

Learning Objectives

  1. I can describe how and why STEAM Nite reinvigorated The James Baldwin School.
  2. I can reflect on student presentations of learning.
  3. I can design an action plan for my school's own STEAM Nite.



Katie Byrd, Earth science teacher, The James Baldwin School for Expeditionary Learning

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