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Prototyping UX in a Touch First World

The wireframing and prototyping techniques, tools and software we use have a legacy problem. Much of it is very button-centric. And many of the great apps, games and experiences we create live on touch devices. So how do we reprogram and evolve our prototyping practice for a touch first world?
Let’s break out the sharpies, markers and post-its and together we’ll sketch, experiment and problem-solve with paper prototypes. We’ll use some quick and clever tricks to mimic gestures and touch interactions to test our ideas. This will be 100% hands-on, interactive and collaborative…and with you there, 100% awesome.

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  1. How do designers evolve their prototyping practice from mouse/click interfaces to touch/gesture?
  2. What are some of the best ways to show touch interactions and transitions in paper prototypes?
  3. How can you use prototyping to gain insight and feedback from customers or users?
  4. Are there ways I can help teach team members to think 'touch first'?
  5. What are the best methods for illustrating and narrating core user scenarios with prototypes?



Sara Summers, Senior User Experience Evangelist, Microsoft

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