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Cram Your Mobile: New Cultural Norms for Social

In a world where we are constantly glued to our mobile devices, when is 24/7 connectedness all too much? Who better than to help answer this question than YOU – the most digitally savvy voices in the country? Together we'll write the mobile etiquette rules for the modern age through a lively, light debate.

During the session, we’ll have a sketch artist working in tandem with a writer to create a digital handbook for the new mobile manners, as crowd-sourced from audience input on the discussion topics. The rulebook will be immediately available for post-event download.



  1. Mobile device at the dinner table: Yay or Nay?
  2. Live tweeting: are you really experiencing the events you’re tweeting about?
  3. Is it really ever necessary to text in bed?
  4. Should public places have a mobile-only section?
  5. Theaters and performances: where’s the line between earning PR via social media – and the audience just being plain rude?



Kelly Ferraro, Digital Strategist, Ogilvy

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