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Becoming a Content Strategist is Super Easy

What does it take to be a content strategist? Beyond mid-day office dance parties, cupcakes, and happy hour, it's a mystery even to people in the industry. But SapientNitro's Boston content strategy team knows how to get onto the CS superhighway - thanks to the varied paths they've taken to the agency world. College students, grad students, young professionals (and basically everyone ever) will learn a thing or two from this team, who love collecting degrees in fields like biology, journalism, English, library science, and marketing. They've worked as librarians, editors, artists, store owners, and *only* a content strategist! Get some frank advice about the skills you need (“No really, you’ll learn to love spreadsheets!”), and learn how to get onto the convoluted road to becoming a content strategist.

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  1. What kinds of skills and interests are "must-haves," "nice-to-haves" and "bonuses" to becoming a content strategist?
  2. What education is necessary to become a content strategist? What education is necessary to succeed past a certain point in this business?
  3. What backgrounds, disciplines, or majors might go well (and horribly) with content strategy?
  4. What DOESN'T a content strategist need?
  5. Where can you work as a content strategist?



Celia Nissen, Associate Content Strategist, SapientNitro

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