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Leveraging the New Radical Online Community

Think flash mobs, viral videos, blog posts that become lightning rods for a cause, Twitter hashtags, Google Plus circles created around a cause, but then continue on their own long after a campaign has ended. This session will consider how to leverage these new radical communities, and brainstorm a few of your own.

It’s time to rethink and redefine where we find online community if we want to change the world. Activists and causes are now creating nontraditional online communities. These communities use tools that cross platforms, push definitions of “place” online, and create their own radical definitions of online community when organizing for a cause.

How can you take advantage of this phenomenon? In this session, we’ll discuss what is the new radical online community, review successful fundraising and activism campaigns that created communities in nontraditional ways, what happens when the campaign ends, and how to use this knowledge to propel your cause.

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  1. What is” “the new radical online community?”
  2. What types of campaigns are most likely to engage nontraditional communities?
  3. How do nontraditional communities change and continue the campaign has ended?
  4. How could nonprofits foster and engage a radical new community?
  5. What’s the next iteration of “new community?”



Debra Askanase, Founder and Engagement Strategist, Community Organizer

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