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Publishing Graphic Novels in the Kickstarter Era

Like artists in other fields, the creators of today’s comics and graphic novels face a lively new landscape of publishing and distribution. The internet, new software tools and an array of social media now equip maverick small publishers and self-publishing creators with an array of new options for building an audience. In conversation with the moderator Calvin Reid, Karl Stevens, award-wining cartoonist and creator of three self-published graphic novels and a forthcoming Kickstarter project, and Josh Frankel, founder of Zip comix and publisher of the new posthumous graphic memoir, Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland, survey the individual strategies they used to publish great comics. From the funding, acquisition and publication of Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland at Zip Comics, to the creation, production and fundraising skills needed for a self-publisher like Stevens, our panel will offer a detailed and entertaining survey on two unique views on publishing graphic novels in the Kickstarter era.

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  1. How to raise money to fund the publishing of indie comics
  2. What you need to know about editing, production, printing and distribution at an indie comics house
  3. How to publish a graphic memoir by Harvey Pekar
  4. A look at self-publishing before and after the rise of Kickstarter
  5. What you need to know about marketing, promotion, reviews and the real world of comics and graphic novel media coverage



Calvin Reid, Senior News Editor, Publishers Weekly

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