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Special Sauce for Social Cause Marketing

10x10, new digital campaign and feature film-in-the-making backed by Intel, is getting out the word that if you educate girls you can change the world. 10x10 is a social action campaign launched by an award-winning team of former ABC News journalists and is poised to make a huge splash this fall.

With so many causes vying for attention in the digital world it is more important than ever to create a more exciting appeal for cause marketing. Making your case requires more than simply presenting the facts. 10x10 leaders and Intel backers share case studies and innovative strategies for increasing your social footprint, mobilizing followers and keeping a cause related integrated marketing campaign exciting and edgy. You'll walk out with real tactics for engagement and measuring success.


  1. What are the most important tools you need to build an exciting marketing campaign for a good cause?
  2. How can you capitalize on tangible impressions that lead to a growth in followers?
  3. How can you create media (video, photos, PSAs, tool-kits, etc) to share as advocacy tools to partners (NGOs, corporates, campus groups, etc.) to grow support for your cause?
  4. What metrics should you put in pace to drive impact and link your media to substantive, measurable actions?
  5. How do you do everything you can to ensure that your media goes far and wide? We encourage people to embed our videos, use our photos (with proper attribution) and repost our content. Similarly, we often feature content created by our partners that is consistent with our brand and with our goals.



Lauren Mitte, Director of Global Engagement, 10x10

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