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Sensoring the News: Detector-Driven Journalism

The vast majority of data journalism is based on data collected by the government. What if the government doesn't keep the data you need? What if that data is incomplete or questionable? A few journalists and curious citizens are developing inexpensive ways to gather their own useful data. Some are tapping into the maker movement's Internet of Things. Others are working to corral information from sensors in hundreds of smartphones. The goal? Better understand, report on and expose issues around pollution, noise, radiation, traffic and other detectable parts of our communities.


  1. Who is doing sensor journalism?
  2. How are they doing it?
  3. What kind of stories could can come from using independent sensors for journalism?
  4. What are the components and challenges of doing sensor journalism?
  5. How can I get involved or start my own project?



John Keefe, Senior Editor, Data News & Journalism Technology, WNYC Radio

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