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Lean Forward, Lean Back: Tablet News Experiences

Insights from the Poynter Institute's major study of news and storytelling on tablets. The study explores the way that elements of touch, gesture, interactivity and position come together to create engaging, satisfying journalism. The research combines usability testing in the U.S. and Europe with worldwide industry expertise on what it takes to create and sustain excellence in publication.

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  1. Which story forms are most engaging for journalistic storytelling on tablets?
  2. What basic design and usability guidelines should be incorporated by a publication seeking its own unique brand?
  3. What does it take to produce consistent touch-driven, position-oriented, interactive storytelling? And how should organizations be staffed?
  4. How can advertising forms reside comfortably alongside editorial content on a tablet?
  5. Is tablet storytelling the game-changer for news organizations?



Sara Quinn, Faculty, The Poynter Institute

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