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Design for Aging, Your Future-Self

The stereotypical product image for seniors entails bigger buttons, bigger text, and bigger screens. When it comes to designing for the elderly, it is not necessary to dumb down technologies. In this talk, we’ll take a different perspective on aging: Rather than focusing on their disabilities such as loss of vision/hearing/memory, we look into the rich dimensions of their lives, their surrounding communities, and discuss how design can contribute in this domain.
We move beyond usability, and introduce “Design for Aging” as a process of innovation. We will present our design research approach in detail, including our thoughts behind the emerging trends on aging. We will share our experience on how we discovered the aging populations' inspirations, aspirations, values and challenges to their daily lives.
This talk plans to introduce you to "Inclusive Design", inspire you to take on different lenses, and offer plenty of design opportunities in the domain of aging.

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  1. What is "Inclusive Design"?
  2. What is the designer's role in a social issue like aging and technology? How can design balance the voice of the user with the insight into context and accessibility?
  3. Why do we need to move beyond usability since it seems to be the primary concern when thinking of design for aging?
  4. How can we break the cliche of user centered design?
  5. What are some of the opportunity spaces to design for aging?



Carina Ngai, Design Futurist, Samsung, UX Innovations Lab

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