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Give Us This Day Our Daily Brief

In social, speed makes stars and the briefs come in daily.

Social campaigns shouldn't be approached or implemented as a one-off effort. Rather, marketers should empower savvy staffers to ride the waves of the real-time "hive mind," re-tooling their strategies weekly (or more often), to create and hold brand buzz. By defining a strong strategy, creating overarching briefs and constantly monitoring the space, brands will always be ready to respond quickly and smartly, even it's unplanned (and unapproved).

Razorfish, a leading global digital agency, will share how they have created quick-fire, rapid response programs for some of their large, corporate clients, and present case studies from brands such as Axe, smart, and others, demonstrating how social listening programs can be used to keep online audiences entertained and wanting more.

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  1. Why is a strong upfront social strategy essential for brands?
  2. What is a rapid response social creative platform?
  3. Should my community manager be doing more than just customer service?
  4. What brands are doing social strategy the right way?
  5. How can you find these mythical social savvy strategists to manage your brand's profile?



Robert McCutcheon, Strategist on smart USA account, Razorfish

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