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Omnipresent: When Virtual Meets Reality

When virtual overlay meets everyday life, everything changes, from the way we shop to the way we interact with the world around us. Today, augmented reality is moving beyond the virtual dimension to enhance real world experiences, meshing actively with interactive training, real-world simulation, design, manufacturing and even medicine. This panel explores new advancements in Virtual / Augmented Reality and the very real impacts AR has today. We'll also explore the not-so-distant future, highlighting the creative opportunities that exist for the development of new AR solutions, standards and enabling technologies. Sponsored by IEEE.

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  1. What are the most promising developments in computer vision that could take Augmented Reality (AR) to the next level or beyond?
  2. Having to use a phone or tablet for Augmented Reality limits the technology's vast potential. So, how will we be "seeing" AR in ten years?
  3. What kind of common infrastructure is needed to tie together the augmented world?
  4. Are synthetic and mixed environments the universal "next-generation interface"?
  5. What the heck is a spime and why should I care? What other new terminology should I be on the lookout for as reality shifts?



Leigh Durst, Consulting Strategist, IEEE

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