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Developing For The New Mobile Gamer

With many new ways to access games content whether at home or on the go, gamers have an unprecedented number of options when it comes to playing games wherever they are. Beyond home and handheld consoles, people are constantly connected to games through phones and tablets on the go. But what can developers do to access the widest audience possible, and be successful with their IP? How can they ensure quality distribution of their titles when their product launches on multiple stand-alone devices? Jack Buser, Senior Director, PlayStation Digital Platforms, and [TBD PlayStation Mobile developer] will discuss the strategies developers can take in order to develop for the new mobile gamer, and ensure quality distribution of their IP. They will share development stories on the new PlayStation Mobile platform, developing for PS Vita, and how the myriad options available to developers can help them reach the largest, most diverse audience yet in the history of the video games industry.


  1. What platform is best for you game?
  2. What types of games are the new mobile gamers playing?
  3. How can you reach your intended audience when developing a mobile title?
  4. How does developing for mobile differ from developing for home consoles, and how is it similar?
  5. What challenges do developers face when launching IP on multiple, standalone devices?



Andy Burt, Client Executive, Voce Communications

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