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Bullying: Social Media as Problem & Solution

As social media platforms evolve and multiply, so too do the instances of online bullying. The epidemic has reached a crisis point in American culture, with nearly one in three kids reporting instances of bullying. The prevalence of social media and the anonymity it allows create opportunities for kids to be bullied anytime and anywhere.

So how do we leverage a weapon to be part of the solution? Hear about the innovative ways individuals, including Lee Hirsch, director of the groundbreaking documentary Bully, and organizations, including It Gets Better and the Ad Council, have energized a movement and empowered people to combat the negative side to online culture. Learn how social platforms like Reddit are moderated and controlled, both officially by administrators and organically by community members themselves, to unify, protect, and respond in instances of bullying online.


  1. What can be done offline to curb kids’ online behavior?
  2. How can we use social media to reach out to bullies, victims, and parents to alter the conversation?
  3. How do social media platforms officially and organically create safe spaces to counteract instances of online bullying?
  4. How can community managers and moderators respond in instance of bullying? When is it better to not engage?
  5. What are timely examples of social media being used on both sides of the bullying spectrum and what can they teach us about best practices going forward?



Margaret Rushton, PR and Social Media Manager, Ad Council

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