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B2B Social Marketing: Blazing New Trails

From content marketing to community management, B2B organizations are expanding their focus beyond traditional forms of communications to increase direct engagement with audiences. B2B customers are active users of social media; they’re looking for information to make educated decisions – they want to talk to and hear from experts in social channels to guide these decisions. But for many companies, marketing rhetoric is still prioritized over valuable content. For some, the brand interaction ends with the sale, missing opportunities to interact with customers and move them from happy customers to brand advocates. In other words, some brands aren’t yet telling their story in a modern way. This session will show how three B2B brands are successfully tackling this opportunity, sharing takeaways for other brands, whether big or small, B2B or consumer. You’ll hear how they’ve changed processes and mindsets, creating competitive advantage and making a measurable impact on the bottom line.

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  1. How do you find new ways to drive engagement and build stronger brand connections with your audience?
  2. How do you turn social media experts into brand advocates?
  3. How do you move the marketing cycle beyond the point of sale and continue to engage your audience socially?
  4. How can you change mindsets and processes internally so that they are more socially friendly and put your company at a competitive advantage?
  5. How do you track your B2B social efforts to your bottom line?



Allie MacPherson, digital consultant, Text100

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