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Decisions Based on Quality, not Anecdotes

How many decisions do you make in a day? From what type of coffee you want, to determining the user-interface for your next product, you make hundreds of decisions every day. The important question to ask yourself is this – how many of those decisions are you basing on quantifiable data, and how many are you basing on gut instincts and something your Aunt Mildred told you last Christmas? With so much data available in our digital age, it’s important to be gleaning quality insights from everyone who has a stake in your company’s success. Even more importantly, you need to be utilizing data from others as well. Data is a sharable commodity, and as it becomes a searchable, social function, people will have more access to information that can make or break a company’s success path. In this session attendees will learn the right way to gather and analyze data that will inform their next big business decision.


  1. What is the right level of analysis I should apply to my data?
  2. What audiences should I be collecting data from?
  3. How should I combine proprietary data with industry research to come to the best decisions?
  4. How will the ability to search and share data from all types of surveys provide deeper business insights?
  5. What is the next evolution of data sharing?



Caitlin Ridge, Sr. Account Executive, Airfoil PR

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