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Streaming + Social. Revolutionizing the Media

The introduction and adoption of streaming technology has turned both the music and the media industry on their heads. This session will discuss why users just can’t get enough of streaming services, what the music industry can learn from media insiders, and what innovations in steaming video technology will drive adoption.

This session will draw upon lessons learned from the launch of streaming video network, HuffPost Live, a pioneering social video experience introduced in August 2012 by The Huffington Post Media Group. John will discuss what drives viewer participation and engagement on HuffPost Live and what the music industry can learn from its success.

This session will also discuss why streaming services need to capitalize on the ongoing shift from presentation to user participation. And why success is all about giving users the tools to engage, while also creating a cross-platform experience that includes distributed online, mobile, and over-the-top (OTT) content.

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  1. What can the music industry learn from the media industry’s adoption of streaming?
  2. What’s next in streaming video technology?
  3. What core features of streaming platforms drive user engagement? What tools do we need to give users to engage?
  4. What are social media and streaming technologies intertwined? How does HuffPost live bring conversation/community elements to streaming video?
  5. Why should all streaming platforms be optimized for mobile? How is HuffPost Live integrated with the web site and mobile apps?



John Pavley, CTO, Huffington Post Media Group

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