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Distill the Buzzwords & Build Crazy Fast Websites

Non-Blocking IO, Asynchrony, Parallelism, Data denormalization, NoSql, the Cloud.

While many of the concepts and techniques listed above are not new, the recent influx of new tools, frameworks and languages have made it much easier to exercise these once mysterious concepts and apply them to modern scaling issues. At the same time the breadth of options can make it difficult to choose the right tool for the job.

When to use options such as Node.js, NoSql, Akka, Scala versus traditional technologies such as RDBMS, Java etc. can be a difficult decision to make.
In this panel we distill the differences between various technologies and how they can be applied to specific needs to build fast, scalable websites.

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  1. What do the concepts Non-Blocking IO, Asynchrony, Parallelism and Data Denormalization mean and how are they different from traditional methods?
  2. What are methods used to model your data in preparation for a scalable system?
  3. What are some of the new tools available that make it easier to exercise these concepts?
  4. How do these tools compare to each other and why would I choose one over another?
  5. What are some basic dos and don'ts for building a scalable system?



Amy Miller, Community Manager, Ticketfly

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