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The Glamorized Hacker and Data Protection

‘Security Breach’ – we’ve all heard the term – but what’s the real damage? Last year alone, the damage resulted in 855 incidents and 174 million compromised records. “Hacktivism” is growing and infamous groups, such as Anonymous, test their strength in the cyber world and use their followers online to hype their next target.

Businesses have felt the blow of recent breaches and often rush to collect stolen data once attacked, as well as inform their customers on compromised data (often through social media). But what about those who have been, and still are, on the security sidelines for decades? If Batman is the city’s silent crusader, then this panel is our online army.


  1. Why does social media glamorize the hacker?
  2. Are hackers actually aiding an information revolution (V for Vendetta style) or does the damage out weigh the reformation?
  3. What is “Hacktivism”?
  4. How can IT departments and business hope to stay protected from hackers?
  5. What are the current security solutions available to prevent breach?



Fleur Williams, Marketing Communications, Gemalto

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