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Hiring UX Consultants: Don’t Believe the Hype

70+% of all Google searches relate to ‘user experience’, but do people really know what they are searching for? As a Web consulting small business owner, I understand the importance of user experience (UX) for designing and developing web sites, but as a hiring manger, I never know what to expect when I receive a self-titled “UX Consultant” resume. Are they trained to conduct user research and usability testing to understand how users are using sites? Can they create a great IA to improve a site’s usability? Do they understand best practices in interface design including accessibility? Can they create wireframes, prototypes? Do they have a background in content strategy?
While UX is the buzzword used for nearly a dozen sub disciplines, hasn’t it really just become overhyped marketing term that means everything and nothing at the same time? This session will cut through the bullshit of this ubiquitous catchphrase and provide real advice on how to hire for this critical function.

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  1. What specific roles, skills & deliverables does the term UX encompass and what do they really mean for you (client or hiring manager)?
  2. How can hiring managers or clients decipher the capabilities of a UX consultant?
  3. How to put UX in job titles of your hiring announcements or RFPs not be overwhelmed with inappropriate resumes or proposals?
  4. Why the recent Usability Professionals Association name change to UXPA proves the point that UX is a marketing branding term?
  5. What are the sub disciplines of UX that are meaningful for website design projects?



Jeff Herron, Principal & VP, Beaconfire

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