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Sign of the Times: The Evolution of Ambient

While some might consider billboards, bus kiosks and other “signage” to be outmoded or quaint media channels, the fact is outdoor advertising is being driven as hard as any other medium. And it’s never been more relevant. Or badass.

New changes in “OOH” regarding technology, proportions and interactivity pop up daily. Artificial intelligence, motion sensors, augmented reality and mobile are all a part of the mix.

Signs are cool. They represent social currency.

The creator of the iconic "Curiously Strong Mints" Altoids campaign will discuss the potency of outdoor media in the development and success of his famous campaign as well as where out-of-home is today. And where it’s going tomorrow.

Incorporated into this presentation is a provocative look at signage over history, it’s role in changing human behavior, as propaganda, as cultural touchstone... and why we can't stop looking at signs, or making them.

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  1. The inherent power of signs in human culture: Why do we look at them and why do we make them?
  2. How do signs (billboards, posters, ambient media) retain their power even as other mass media wanes in its importance?
  3. How has outdoor advertising and its get evolved in the digital age and how has it stayed the same?
  4. What role does social media play in the evolution of posters and propaganda?
  5. How do signs influence popular culture, for better and for worse?



Steffan Postaer, Executive Creative Director, gyro

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