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Enterprise Invades the Apps Playground

Long a stronghold for consumer-friendly photo apps, games, and renegade business apps, the app stores of today are in for a major renovation as enterprise-class comes into its own. Think of the opportunity – according to Gartner, enterprise apps will generate nearly $40 billion in sales for developers by 2016.

It’s clear that enterprise mobility is rapidly gaining ground. But it's still a really challenging experience for most developers due to the technical complexity and expensive delivery models for most enterprise mobile platforms. Add to that the rapidly evolving nature of mobile technologies and you can see why most approach with trepidation.

But this is changing - beautiful, scalable, and affordable opportunities to build, test, and monetize are coming to the enterprise space. Will developers follow suit? And, if they do, are companies really ready for it?

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  1. Why push for enterprise over consumer if everybody loves the apps they have? Does it really come down to security issues?
  2. What current gaining trends, like cloud and HTML5, will reverberate through the mobile enterprise app world?
  3. What are some of the challenges and solutions that developers should think about when moving forward in building enterprise mobility apps? What are the main things to consider when prepping for go-to-market?
  4. Will the personal become political as employees are faced with using employer-sanctioned apps on their personal smartphones? Or, put in another way, should IT departments forgo BYOD altogether in favor of issuing mandatory work devices?
  5. What is next major chapter in enterprise mobility? What’s the next defining moment? Will it be big data as everyone expects, or is there another disruptive force on the horizon?



Eric Lai, Contributing writer, SAP

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