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New Aging: Design for the Older Gets Wiser

We are aging but are we aging well? There are currently 17,000 nursing homes in America, and the same number of reasons not to move into them. These facilities could be construed as little more than warehouses for the elderly; they cut people off from society. So how do we not only restore the dignity in aging, but make it fun? New Aging is an initiative to provoke new ideas and bring together creative thinkers and doers to reimagine the potential in aging. This panel will address aging by focusing on the latest advances in technology, care, and aging trends. We will highlight leading-edge design solutions, including BOOM, a bold new community for the 21st century. Leaders within and outside of the design profession will provide the professional and visionary foundation leading to the development and publication of the New Aging Book, which will forever change how we think about growing old.

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  1. What should we consider old today?
  2. Why should we consider ourselves old earlier?
  3. How do you want to live when you are old?
  4. How tech savvy is today’s elderly? How tech savvy will tomorrow’s elderly be?
  5. How do we design communities in the digital and physical world to reflect a new reality for an aging population?



Hunter Tura, President & CEO, Bruce Mau Design

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