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Improv for Creative Collaboration

Working together is the new working. Whether you're an entrepreneur relying on long-distance co-working or a nonprofit building capacity through partnerships, your success increasingly relies on your ability to work well with others - in other words, to collaborate. But effective collaboration doesn't just happen - it takes creativity, flexibility, and commitment...all skills that improvisers have in spades.

Voted an audience favorite in 2010, panelists Jordan & Amanda Hirsch specialize in translating the lessons of improv to life and business. In this interactive session, learn how improv can turn silos into creative teams. Discover how the power of "yes, and" fosters relationship building and fuels effective brainstorming. And explore how awareness of your objective helps you work with others to build a better scene, meeting, business, or Plan to Change the World.

In today’s economy, it’s tougher than ever to do it alone. Thanks to improv, you don’t have to.

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  1. How can improv help me be a better collaborator?
  2. How can collaboration help creative individuals create better results through teamwork?
  3. How can increased self-awareness lead to better collaboration, and how can improv give me that?
  4. What are specific examples of successful collaborations that I can learn from?
  5. How can I inspire more effective collaboration in my workplace?



Amanda Hirsch, Writer & Social Media Consultant, Good Things Consulting

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