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Energy Efficient, Smartphone Powered Data Centers

The rise of content- and social-driven businesses such as Facebook, Google, Baidu and others is causing a shift in data center design. Using more open source and user-developed software, these data centers don’t just support the business – they ARE the business. These new models have prompted a move to explore and adopt innovative technologies that deliver significant cost advantages.
The new and different computing loads required by the always-on, always-connected lifestyle these companies enable require a better balance of performance, storage and networking loads on the back end to ensure a killer user experience. The demand on a server searching for your sister’s Facebook photos is much different, computationally, than an intensive task like calculating a weather forecast.

This session will explore how technologies originally developed for the mobile space are migrating into the data center and how highly optimized chip platforms are emerging to support these lighter loads.

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  1. How is the rise of social- and cloud-driven businesses changing the way data centers are designed?
  2. Are affordability and sustainability the only barriers that need to be addressed by technologists to ensure that devices and data centers can meet the needs of our global community?
  3. Can mobile processor technology adapted for the data center change the cost/power equation?
  4. How will hardware and software need to adapt to these new global drivers?
  5. Where will the future be defined: emerging regions or western strongholds?



Cara Forsythe, Digital Marketing Specialist, ARM

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