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D is for Data

This candid discussion led by NPR's Anya Kamenetz will tackle myths and concerns about data in education. What are data's opportunities and limitations? As adaptive learning spreads globally, leading publishers and beloved organizations like Sesame Workshop are using Knewton to analyze data and create more effective lessons. Expert panelists will share what they are seeing on the ground, address common concerns from teachers and parents, and offer predictions on data’s future role in education.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Answer key questions: How are data informing what we know about how students learn? How can they help create better lessons from pre-K through higher ed and customize instruction for diverse student populations? Will data impact the classroom setup?
  2. Tackle head on the myths and concerns about data privacy: What are legitimate fears about data in education? How can data be used responsibly to mitigate privacy risks?
  3. Identify opportunities: Can adaptive learning tech reduce the need for high-stakes tests? How can data help improve early education? How is data being used globally, in non-traditional settings like professional development and supplemental learning?



Molly Gerth, Senior Communications Manager, Knewton

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