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Privacy: Who is in, Who is Out?

The privacy debate has become a regulatory battle pitting two federal agencies – the FCC and the FTC – against each other. Privacy is a critical issue in today’s technology integrated world. From personal cell phone data to behavioral advertising, these are invaluable components of our daily lives and to our devices. As critical as this is, it is even more important that the jurisdictional boundaries be clear. Which pieces of privacy-centric issues fall under which umbrella? What role should the federal government take? How are start-ups, tech companies, and app developers being heard? Who gets the final say: the federal government, industry led coalitions, or consumers?


  1. What is the current regulatory/policy framework that addresses privacy concerns and issues?
  2. What is the industry doing to protect consumers? How is this communicated or how can it be better addressed so that consumers not only are aware of what is being done to protect sensitive information but understand what this means.
  3. What are the different parties that are a part of data/information sharing? How do these parties correlate to consumer consent, general notice, opt-in, opt-out etc...
  4. Both the FCC and FTC are involved in privacy regulation. Where are the lines currently drawn and should one agency "rule the roost" as opposed to the other? What role is desired by industry, consumer groups, government etc...
  5. As consumers share more personal information over devices, the internet etc... what does an ideal privacy framework shape out to be? Should this be an area covered completely by industry? What is the limit for government involvement?



Lexie Bohnert, Account Manager, DCI Group

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