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Fighting for Funding as a Female Entrepreneur

Access to startup capital has always been a key pain point for female entrepreneurs, but is the angel and venture capital landscape finally changing? Recent research from Babson College says that if female entrepreneurs in the U.S. started with the same capital as male entrepreneurs, they would add 6 million jobs to the economy within 5 years —- 2 million of those in the first year alone! Seasoned venture capitalist Kay Koplovitz, Chairman and CEO of Koplovitz & Co., joins serial entrepreneur and current Dell EIR Ingrid Vanderveldt to provide an overview on the current market and the various capital options available to growing businesses. They’ll examine the issues that hinder women from receiving outside funding and will provide actionable advice to audience members on everything from how to seek the right kind of equity for the appropriate growth stage of your company to developing a plan to raise capital and targeting experts and mentors to support your goals.

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  1. How is the angel and venture capital landscape changing for women?
  2. What are the key issues that hinder women from receiving outside funding?
  3. What are the various sources of capital available and how do they differ?
  4. What resources are available to assist businesses in preparing for, securing and employing the most appropriate capital source?
  5. How can you best leverage your networks to help you to gain access to new sources of funding?



Jessica Lokaj, Account Supervisor, WPP Team Dell

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