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Paying it forward: Leveraging Today’s Female Voice

This panel brings together female change agents intentionally gathered from across the ed tech space to examine the unique role women play at this nexus of education and technology. Research has demonstrated that the today’s young girls and women need role models in technology fields to develop self-efficacy in these fields. Whether you are examining how to further your own voice, grow your PLN, or mentor the next great generation of female ed tech leaders, this is a “must attend” conversation.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Exploration of the presence, role, and level of influence of female voices in education. While women have dominated the teaching profession for over the past century, the role of women as technology leaders within education is still emerging.
  2. Interactive dialogue between panelists and attendees to explore multiple paths to ed tech leadership, including through university doctoral work, school district leadership, lending thought influence to agencies, corporate America, and publications.
  3. Examination of the unique role women play at the intersection of education and technology. The experiences of this diverse panel of leaders will provide invaluable input into new best practices for supporting young girls and women in this field.



Kari Stubbs, Vice President, Learning & Innovation, BrainPOP

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