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The Pharmacy Inside You

When we talk about changes to our medication delivery system, we think about shorter wait times and online re-fills. But what if you avoid going to a pharmacy all together? What if everything you needed was already inside your body, waiting to be activated or released to deliver medicine exactly when, where, and how much we need it, without us having to take a pill? Multiple fields of research are descending on technologies to enable the above goals: 1) delivery – potential for therapeutics to be stored in your body for years and delivered precisely when you need them. 2) Human microbiome – resident microbes that could positively affect your health. We’ll touch on other fields of research that may enable the Pharmacy Inside You to run like a well-oiled machine including using a smartphone to activate the release of drugs remotely and sensors communicating to the microchip in real time to release drugs when needed e.g. onset of a heart attack.


  1. What other types of technologies might factor into next-generation drug delivery?
  2. How will these medicines be prescribed and regulated?
  3. How can bacteria inside my body be modulated in order to effect my health in a positive way?
  4. What role do bacteria have in health outside of the gut?
  5. How could delivery of bacteria be used to treat disease?



Daphne Zohar, Founder and Managing Partner, PureTech Ventures

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