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Refining Relationships for Success

Leaders today face unprecedented challenges in a race toward the unknown. The migration from industrial to information age has transformed society so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. Navigating uncharted waters and changing tack quickly without being thrown off course is an imperative. Currents continue to shift rapidly as the global economy pressures organizations to perform more with less. In the doldrums, businesses offloaded dead weight and restocked with lighter versions, or not at all. Middle managers up the line walked the plank. The best swimmers found land and became independent consultants. Some still tread water looking for a ship to save them. Shifting currents beg for the expertise of consultants who no longer reside on-board. In this session, explorers will learn how to win the race and redefine relationships between crew and castoff. It’s possible to adapt positively to the sea change and make competition irrelevant.

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  1. How do you compile the best talent for your team in today’s fragmented workforce?
  2. How can organizing this team help to make the competition irrelevant and create new market space?
  3. What strategies are best employed for aligning the value, profit and people proposition with a workforce that is becoming more and more fragmented?
  4. Why is it important for you to embrace the changes that are happening to today’s workforce?
  5. How compile the best talent for your team?



Robyn Cobb, Chief Stategy Officer, PBO Market Consultants

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