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FYI, Nonprofits: Making Money Isn’t Selling Out

Nonprofits are fighting harder than ever for a consumer’s “share of wallet”. In a panel moderated by a Google Nonprofit Industry Manager, we will explore the struggle of nonprofit organizations in need of attention and support against the big consumer brands investing heavily in marketing programs to get mindshare and dollars in these tough economic times.

Taking a page from the corporate playbook may be the key to a new generation of nonprofit marketing. Corporations understand the value of leveraging a marketing funnel to drive conversions, but re-framing it as a “donation funnel” and rethinking what upper, mid and lower funnel activities mean to nonprofits is new, exciting… and a major strategic shift.

Attendees will get perspectives from nonprofits, agencies and media how to re-think the funnel, use data and analytics to inform strategy, and learn about innovative tactics than can be employed to see results for every type of organization.

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  1. How can a nonprofit use traditionally corporate tactics to attract more prospects, generate supporters, and increase donations?
  2. What upper and mid-funnel strategy can be employed cost-effectively and how can nonprofits measure their impact in a way that the board of directors will understand?
  3. Corporations are using data to inform strategy and tactical decisions, but what first and third party data can nonprofits use what value can you get from it?
  4. After a constituent takes action, can corporate tactics like “cross-sell” and “up-sell” be used successfully in the nonprofit world?
  5. Corporations are investing heavily in new technologies and platforms (e.g. social, local, mobile) but as a nonprofit, how can their true value be assessed to determine how much time, effort and cash should be invested? And, um, what the heck IS the value of those newfangled platforms, anyway?



Lisa Kaneff, Sr. Marketing Consultant, Beaconfire Consulting

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