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The New Face of Finance

When you conjure up the face of finance, chances are you see a balding man in a tailored suit. It’s time for a change. It’s time to disrupt an industry.

In many ways, taking care of your finances is the last internet frontier. Banks are offering increasingly sophisticated online banking tools. Mint and other personal financial management tools are more widespread. But what’s next?

Two execs behind LearnVest, the preeminent personal finance site, dive into the need for (and path to) innovation in the financial planning space. They are passionate about injecting technology into a stagnant industry, finding revolutionary ways to offer trusted financial advice. The financial planning industry is historically inaccessible—a fact that can be overthrown by leveraging the web and putting your financial life at your fingertips.

Bolstered by extensive research and experience, Alexa and Ainslie will highlight the new face of finance.

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  1. Where is the financial services industry dropping the ball? In other words, what’s currently broken?
  2. Key research demonstrates the need for customized support from an unbiased, trusted individual. Why is a personalized and wholistic approach so important?
  3. How does technology enable or detract from this personalized approach? Technology is central to the new face of finance—how can the latest technologies be leveraged?
  4. How do individuals feel about shifting their financial lives online? What can product and design teams do to create a smooth user experience around money?
  5. Where is this industry headed in the next few years? Alexa and Ainslie offer their predictions for the direction of the financial services industry, given the clear need for change and the integration of technology solutions.



Annie Shapiro, Product & Strategy Associate, LearnVest

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