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The Open Documentary Lab at MIT

MIT has launched a documentary lab. Why? Because at this moment of media change, the opportunities for documentarians have never been greater. Yet it is also a time of confusion, with narrative structures, technologies, business models and even the role of the maker rapidly transforming. Questions abound. How can filmmakers, technologists, and scholars develop the resources-- financial, technical, and artistic-- to support this new field? How can traditional filmmakers make the leap to interactive? Innovation is key. Surrounded by cutting-edge technologists and researchers, MIT's OpenDocLab is opening its virtual and physical doors.

Beyond an overview of new developments in the field and at MIT, we will present OpenDocLab's initiatives and the resources available to storytellers. By participating in Lab activities, visiting artists and makers not only explore the potential of new technologies, they collaborate with MIT researchers to shape the storytelling practices of tomorrow.

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  1. What are the initiatives of the Open Documentary Lab @ MIT, and how do we support professional and community media makers?
  2. What are the new technologies and research coming out of MIT that could shape the future of storytelling?
  3. What are the major trends in interactive, collaborative and location-based documentary forms? How can we best use new collaborative logics to create and sustain documentary projects?
  4. What resources exist for filmmakers looking to break into the interactive realm?
  5. How can we better measure, evaluate, and assess the impact of interactive and web-based documentary projects?



Sarah Wolozin, Director, MIT Open Documentary Lab

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